If you’ve also been racing in New England or you follow us on social media, you may have seen our new coffee kits

We’re so excited about these. They mean a lot to us. We had been wanting to do a couple things:

  1. Build a kit that we love, that represents us, and that we love training in
  2. Show off the precision of Castelli Custom printing
  3. Cultivate the idea that all team kit doesn’t have to be heavily branded race kit

Before you call us crazy, we know it’s a little outside the box. There’s unequivocal value in race kit. It’s heavily photographed and sponsors pay good money to be represented there, and for good reason! Race kit is designed to photograph really well in races. The thing is, we also spend a lot of time riding outside of races and want to look just as fabulous then, too, but sometimes more discreet too. Our team is fortunate to work with Castelli, who is a leader in the custom apparel space and full of adventurous spirit. When we approached them about the race kit/team kit idea, they were eager to see what we’d come up with.

Our team is made up of coffee lovers. Our weekend hosts are frequently surprised when each of us starts pulling hand grinders, bean varieties, and different brewing methods out of our travel bags. But, hey — every semblance of home while on the road is important. Plus, as a team of women with professional day jobs and professional race schedules, let’s just be honest about the need for a little caffeine boost now and then.

We’d seen some coffee brewing vector art, which sparked a caffeine-fueled maniac idea to turn the images into a kit print. Team friend, Erin’s sister and mastermind behind the team avatars, Laura Faccone, took the spark of inspiration and turned it into a true design. This is what we started with:

coffee images

We wanted a pattern that would look great up close, but that also looked visually appealing to a person standing too far away to know what the icons were. Additionally, we wanted a design that would look great in full custom, but would also pair really well as a jersey with plain black bibs. I’m biased, but I think we nailed it.


Beyond showing off the power of Castelli Custom (did I mention yet that they lined the print up perfectly across the zipper?!), we’re opening these kits up for sale. Any proceeds will help fund our team’s season. If you’re into cool kits and supporting women’s racing teams – this is a great chance to get something cool and help us do something cool too! Running an elite level racing team is expensive. All four of us are making the trip to Reno, NV for Nationals. Again, biased, but this is a cool chance to look fresh and support the team.

We’re really excited about some of the special touches:


The inside of the collar says “Coffee powered”, and in a tribute to our PhD scientist member we added the caffeine molecule to the back pocket.


(All credit to our friend Daghan Perker for the amazing shots)

The kit will be pre-order only. For real. We’re doing a one-time order and then it’s gone. We’ve got a web store open on the Castelli site here, and will leave orders open for roughly 10 days. This should let us get the kits turned around before the holidays, you know, just in case you’d like to get one of these as a gift for the coffee drinking cyclist in your life (hint, hint). If you’re in New England, we can hand deliver at a race. If you’re not in New England, we’re working on some cool goodies to include in shipped packaging. If you really want the kit and don’t want to have to press extra buttons, we’ll even let you Paypal/Venmo/Square one of us and we’ll take care of the admin stuff. That’s now much we care.

3 thoughts on “The Coffee Kits!

  1. Just placed an order from cold Canada, where CX season is synonymous with frostbite. Eh, who am I kidding, it looks just as bad for your race tomorrow. Good luck with the race!

    When you get around to handling the orders, let me know what shipping looks like and I’ll paypal the extra along with some beer– err, coffee change! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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