Ready or not, the CX season is rapidly approaching! We couldn’t possibly be more excited. In fact, we’re so excited that we’re thinking about taking on another teammate! The thing we love about this team is how it’s turned into a sort of roving family on wheels. We all like and support each other, on and off the bike. Are you someone that wants that kind of environment? Yes? Great, please fill out our application here!

The application document covers the big stuff. 100% feel free to reach out to any of us returning folks with questions about the big stuff, the small stuff, and anything in between. We’re shooting for a really tight turnaround here: the window is from now until Sunday night. Sunday July 16 at 8pm we’re shutting it down and seeing where we stand.

Applications should be sent to Note that applications are open to current B2C2 members and non-B2C2 members, BUT those who are not currently part of B2C2 will be expected to join the team for the rest of the year if joining Averica.



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