Holy toledo, it’s August already?! A mere 5.5 weeks away from ‘cross season kickoff? And still, so much to do.

Sticking with last week’s idea of recipe themes, I sent “favorite pre-race breakfast” to the team. I assumed at least one person would return with a picture of well-composed oatmeal, especially since I’ve SEEN them eat oats before a race! But alas, we all like eggs before racing. Take THAT oat lovers.

Let’s pretend we meant it to be this way and you all can vote for who you’d most like to have breakfast with. K? Great.


Eggs in pan. Greens of some variety, usually kale. Tomato slices and avocado. Also, hot sauce.


Eggs, avocado, onions, potatoes, bread, and… squash?!



If you have never tried a Stone & Skillet muffin, you are missing out on edible proof of a higher power. Seriously. Sorry, gluten free folks, I don’t mean to be cruel.

Toast one of those pucks of greatness. Apply two over-easy eggs (cooked in butter, obviously), avocado slices, maybe some spinach, and a healthy dose of hot sauce. Make sure you have extra napkins – you’ll need them.



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