I remember adolescent summers spent on the beach, when it was easy to tear through a book a week. Why don’t adults get summer vacation too? If not only for the reading time, y’know? Anyway, here’s what we’ve been up to this month.


Grit! Building mental toughness and thinking about perseverance before heading into the toughest season of the year.



Roar! I decided to check out Stacy Sims’ new book about female physiology. There are some interesting anecdotes about hormone driven physiological differences between women and men.



“Literally all I have read for the last month are articles on FAI, labral tears, and general hip joint anatomy”

(Ed: Lydia is currently sidelined by a hip malfunction, which seems to be impacting her reading interests. We’re hoping to see it remedied soon so we can pedal together again, and so that she can stop reading medical journals. If you’re a medical professional – help her please)


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